Animation Church was founded in February 2013 by a group of families and individuals who met together consistently and deeply desired to connect to the heart of God for His Church.

There is no Senior Pastor at Animation Church, that position is held firmly by Jesus Christ.  It was a conscious and prayerful decision to have a group of elders direct the affairs of the church communally and through prayer and the study of the Scriptures.

Weekend messages will be preached by Ryan Weber, who has a passion to encourage and exhort the Church to rise to the calling of Jesus and follow him tenaciously.

We hold the family in high regard and want to partner with them to grow disciples starting in the home.  A strong family is a strong church.

During the week, our entire emphasis is on bringing the church to the world.  We expect that Home Church Pastors grow the Church through regularly meeting with and discipling their flock.  Home Church pastors will receive encouragement, education and training from the elders.

Our goal is simple: make vibrant disciples of Jesus Christ.